CFIS Uniform Consignment Sale

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CFIS parent volunteers are managing a uniform consignment sale. Only NEW uniform pieces, mandatory for September 2017, will be suitable for resale. Without exception, all garments must be washed or dry-cleaned and in resalable condition.

A sale date in is expected for February 2018. 

The following rules must be adhered to in order to place items in the sale:

  1. Seller must first register here to receive an identification number.
  2. Seller must fill in ALL the information on the provided garment tags.
  3. Seller must attach/pin each tag to the corresponding garment before drop off.
  4. Seller decides on price of each garment.

Once a garment is sold, the tag will be removed. Only cash and cheque (made payable to CFIS) will be accepted. At the end of each consignment sale, all transactions will be reconciled and each seller will receive their total sales less 10%, which will go to CFIS to offset any incurred costs. We encourage parents to donate some or all of their proceeds to the school in support of our bridging bursary program. This option can be exercised per item by completing the check box on each garment tag. If there are any unsold pieces, the organizers will return them along with proceeds via kiddie mail the week following the sale.

If you have any questions please email

The CFIS Uniform Consignment Team